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How to Use Medfirm's Services


Start using our services today! To submit a bill all you need to do is call or email our customer service department and we will forward to you our Bill Referral Cover Sheet. You can then send the bills to us via fax at (818) 344-3205 or via email at info@medfirm.com. If you choose the email option, please contact us to discuss the privacy issues and to obtain our password or encryption instructions.


In order for Medfirm to negotiate a bill, a client must submit a qualified bill to our office. A qualified bill is one that has not been reduced by more than 40% by bill review. Whether bill submission is by fax, email or regular mail, we will provide the necessary forms and can also accept a referral on a client’s fax cover page. The referral forms need only include the basic information necessary for settlement. That information will include:

  • Patient’s name
  • Claim number
  • Provider name and contact information
  • Identification of considered charges (total billings less any fee schedule or bill review)

However, providing a Medfirm negotiator with more information can facilitate the settlement process. That information may include: the EOB, detailed medical billings, and the bill review report.


Medfirm’s expert negotiation staff will work to settle the bill to our client’s greatest advantage and return it to your office within nine working days. Upon agreement, we immediately submit the settlement document to the provider for signature. While sign-off is a legally binding to the Provider, it is not for our clients. If a client is not satisfied with Medfirm’s settlement, they are not bound to accept it.


At Medfirm, we understand that our success depends on our client’s savings. If we don’t negotiate a reduced bill, we receive no fee. We track our success and provide our clients with a monthly statement detailing their settlements including a review of the total negotiated savings.
We believe that to be effective, our services must be both flexible and easy for our clients to administer. Medfirm has created an invoice negotiation program that can be tailored to fit any specific payables program.



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