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Our Approach to On-Site Audits

Substantially Lower Your Cost of Doing Business. 

We recognize that our industry faces the costly problem of medical providers routinely submitting inaccurate bills.  Rarely are these bills in favor of the insurance company.  Medfirm Solutions is a cost containment company dedicated to ensuring that our clients pay only the fair and agreed to charges on their medical bills.  In the best case, an adjuster or the bill review system might possibly catch the errors. However, these over billings are often missed internally. Substantially all of these overpayments will be uncovered during Medfirm’s on-site audit.

Medical On-Site Audit Program

A Medfirm team travels to the particular hospital or facility and completes a joint, line-by-line assessment of the billings and records with the facility’s audit nurse. We catch these unchecked overcharges by auditing the  provider’s billings, records, and all relevant documentation.  We confirm that all charges are in keeping with either the facility’s regular or our client’s negotiated price. Any line items in dispute are negotiated by our team and a final corrected or discounted price is agreed upon.

Great Results, Lowest Fees, Fantastic Customer Service

Medfirm’s mission is to substantially reduce your costs and provide clients with excellent customer service.  Because Medfirm’s fee is a percentage of our client’s savings and is paid only after we successfully save money, the immediate result is a reduction in the cost of your medical billings and claims program. Additionally, when you rely on Medfirm to contain your costs, your staff can focus on their core responsibilities, resulting in a more efficient delivery of service. With our program, you will increase your bottom line, decrease your workload, and improve your cash flow.


  • Correct and accurate billings obtained on behalf of the insurance company;
  • Significant reductions obtained on behalf of the carrier;
  • Risk-free—if we don’t save you money, there is no charge;
  • Low fees = higher NET SAVINGS for your company;
  • Highest quality customer service.


  • Professional staff of contracted registered nurses, attorneys, and medical industry professionals working on each project;
  • Audits performed on-site at hospitals;
  • Settlement agreements are attained at the time of audit;
  • No long-term contracts;
  • Attorney-drafted settlement agreements that include full release of liability;
  • In-depth knowledge of the industry;
  • Monthly detailed savings reports submitted to you.

Great Results, Lowest Fees, Fantastic Customer Service

Start using our services today! To start the process, all you need to do is call or email our customer service department. (800) 657-0222 or info@medfirm.com.



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