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Medical Bill Negotiation Specialists

Medical Bill Negotiations for the Insurance Industry

Medfirm reduces the price you pay on your medical billings and claims. When you submit a bill to Medfirm, we negotiate a lower settlement for that bill in exchange for a prompt payment. There is no limit to the amount of bills you can submit for negotiation, and thus there is no limit to the amount of your savings. We will increase your bottom line and decrease your workload while improving your cash flow. Medfirm fees are a percentage of your savings and are paid for after we successfully save you money. If we don't negotiate a lower payment, there is no charge.

Substantially Lower Your Cost of Doing Business

The insurance industry is paying billions of dollars per year to healthcare providers, some of whom over-bill. Our goal is to ensure that all billings that you submit are reasonably priced and accurate.  Additionally, our services reduce the risk of costly, time-consuming audits of healthcare provider bills. Medfirm's staff of legal and healthcare professionals negotiates substantial savings on provider billings in exchange for a prompt payment and resolution. Therefore, we provide a "win-win" situation. The insurance industry keeps its costs down to a reasonable level and the healthcare provider receives prompt payment for its services.

Great Results, Lowest Fees, Fantastic Customer Service

Medfirm's mission is to substantially reduce your costs and provide clients with excellent customer service. And, we do this for the lowest rate in the industry guaranteed.  Since we don't receive a fee for our services unless your bill is reduced, and our fee is dependant on the amount we save you, we are always motivated to negotiate the highest savings available.


  • Significant reductions up to 40% on large or catastrophic claims
  • Successful negotiation rate for major clients in excess of 70%
  • Lowest fees in the industry guaranteed = higher NET SAVINGS for your company
  • Highest quality customer serviceNO SAVINGS – NO COST TO YOU!


  • Program tailored to your specific needs
  • Fast 24- to 72-hour turnaround
  • No long-term contracts
  • Professional staff of negotiators including attorneys and medical industry professionals
  • Attorney drafted settlement agreement. Provides full release of liability and no client back billing
  • No minimum thresholds
  • In person office visits at your request
  • In depth knowledge of the industry
  • Monthly detailed savings reports


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